Maryland Rovers

Welcome! My name is Jason Miller and I’m an avid Land Rover Collector. You can view my collection on my website by clicking here. I was also featured in the Holiday 2019 issue of Rovers Magazine. I found myself always looking for other Rover enthusiasts in Maryland and loved seeing pics of their trucks! Maybe it was an older Land Rover Series, a cool Defender, a nice L322, the classic Discovery, or even the new Range Rover Sport! While the clubs are great, Instagram is fun, and facebook groups are neat, I really wanted a Land Rover archive of sorts, focused on Rovers residing in Maryland.

From that, I started Maryland Rovers, with a hope to be a hub to connect clubs throughout the state together, awesome photos, and a central location for Maryland’s true love of the Land Rover!

Feel free to contact me via e-mail if you have any questions (

Land Rovers for sale

Maryland Rovers is connected to many importers, clubs, and private collectors and we are happy to provide an outlet for select Rovers to be listed for sale. Please note, we are not a broker or dealer and are simply helping expand the reach for sellers and help find the next owner of their prized Land Rover.

Land Rover car clubs

While we are not a direct Land Rover Club, we do work with local clubs and happy to share those links with you. Our hope is to help connect clubs and groups across Maryland and orchestrate larger events as a combined group for a larger presence.